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SPR 8082
SPR 7773
SPR 8802
SPR 9037
SPR 9032
SPR 1302
SPR 1303
Standard Property Value
EN 685/649 Classification
EN 426 Width | Supreme 2.0.Mtr.
EN 428 Overall Thickness 1.8mm
EN 429 Wear layer Thickness 0.30mm
EN 430 Total mass per unit area 2,500 g/m2
EN 433 Risidual indentation 0,05mm
EN 434 Dimensional change after exposure to neat machine direction : 0.05% re-inforced
Curling after exposure to heat 0mm
EN 435 Verf. A Flexibility < 20mm
EN ISO 20105-B02 Colour fastness to light < 6
EN 425 Castor chair suitability Yes
EN 4102 T4 Flammability B1
Installation method/adhesive
• Installation : Full spread adhesion method using LO recommended adhesive and instalaUon procedure as per 10 installation manual. Maintenance
• Prevent shoe dust and grit coming inside by using proper entrance mat.
• Daily clean-up: Bright have factory coated anti-PU protection layer, hence dry vacuumingfmopping Is recommended for daily clean-up.
• Regular Maintenance: For maintaining tho appcaranco and longevity of tho installed floor, periodic maintenance, using LO approvod consumables &   procedure is recommended. Ploaso contact your deafor fordetaison accredtod janitorial service.
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