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Construction Machine made Loop Pile Carpets
Pile Contents 100% Polypropylene
Total Pile Weight 465 g/m2 + 5% 565 g/m2 + 5%
Gauge 1/10"
Effective Pile Height 6 mm + 5% 7.5 mm + 5%
Total Carpet Weight 1300 g/m2 + 5% 1450 g/m2 + 5%
Primary Backing Polypropylene
Secondary Backing Polypropylene
Length of Roll 30 mtrs
Roll Width 4.00 mtrs
Durability (ASTM 388-80) No Wearing of top Layer upto 20,000 cycles
Anti Static The pile material has Thermoplastic components Which ensure "CLASSIC" remains antistatic
Resilence (BIS 4098) 80%
Moisture Less than 1 %
Colour Fastness (BIS 1006) To light Not less than 6
Wasing Fastness (BIS 4334) Shampoo Not less than 4
Recommended Use Domestic / Contract, Schools, Super Markets,Hotels, Air Ports, Restaurants, Ships, Cinemas,Railway Coaches, Clubs, Corporate Offices.
Note :
Regular Maintenance is required i.e. Daily brushing. Weekly spot removal and half yearly dry shampoo etc.
Shading / Pile reversal Is inherent characteristic of all loop pile carpets and does not constitute manufacturing defect.
Due to dry lot variations, actual merchandise not guaranteed to colour match these samples.
Walk off mats are recommended at building entry ways to reduce soiling.
Suitable underlay and chair pads are recommended to preserve apperarance, retention, avoid premature or accelerated wear.
Designed and engineered for the end use performance and backed by the limited specific warranties as listed by the grading. See your retailer for details.
Superior fire rating due to exclusive product engineering and specialized backing.
Strudex fibres will resist most oil and water based stains due to its low moisture absorption and are backed by our limited stain and fade resistance warranty. See your retailer for details.
Strudex solution dyed colour yams resists years of sunlight and professional cleaning better than ordinary carpet fibres because the colour goes right to the base of the tuft Backed by our limited warranty. See your retailer for details.
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